Monday, May 11, 2020

The .MEET new gTLD = Google Meet

I recently wrote about an update on the .MEET new gTLD, which will soon be operated by Google.

I tried to dig and see if anything exists behind this TLD and if domain names ending in ".meet" were already created. I found five. I did not look for any specific communications from Google Registry but just hit "" in my browser (which is Chrome actually) and I found 5 results, then 72 more. The URLs are listed below:
All are redirections to something beginning with and most point to a list of phone numbers, but points to the front page of the latest Meeting tool from Google entitled "Meet", which is the equivalent of Skype or any other video conference tool, but operated by Google. So will the .MEET new gTLD be a tool used for redirections only? It is too early to say. Let's hope not.

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