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How to become an author on ?

Publishing on this website is free. Find below what my request is for new authors who wish to publisher here and what I offer in return.

What authors get:
  1. Your article will be posted by myself in the “New generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs)” group on LinkedIn (journalists, applicants, law firms, registrars, back-end registries, IP departments, domain name portfolio managers, registrants, etc). The link to your article will be submitted to its 2,500+ subscribers.
  2. I receive a lot of content everyday and need to select what is published and what is not: writing here is a guarantee to increase your visibility to the new gTLD community.
  3. The group URL: (joining is free). 
  4. has its own Newsletter and Newsfeed: your article/post will automatically be sent there too. 
  5. Your article will be: 
    1. Twitted by Jean Guillon; 
    2. Posted in Viadeo (when written in French); 
    3. Shared on LinkedIn in specific targeted groups. 
  6. Your logo and hyperlink to your website will be added on the front page of this website until I create a dedicated page for this kind of promotion. 
What I request for posting here:
  1. Your content must be about new gTLDs; 
  2. One post/article per month; 
  3. 400 words minimum; 
  4. Exclusivity on your article during the first week of publication (5 days). It means you should wait for five days before you post it somewhere else on Internet. I will check prior to authorizing a publication; 
  5. Play the game. 
What you can post here:
  • Announcement of a new gTLD project (ie : in round 2); 
  • Any announcement a new gTLD service provider plans to post on his website (please respect the 5 days delays); 
  • Announcements for new platforms, service providers, law firms, TMCH agents and their specificity, Nomulus projects, etc… 
  • Articles about new gTLDs written by law firms prior to posting them on their website; 
  • Good new gTLD content; 
  • That Press Releases you submit your PR service provider to and who, in return for your payment, will have it read by gentlemen gardeners. 
What you can’t post here:
  • “I sell my domain name” = NO DOMAINING 
What to do now?
To become an author, contact me with your request and what you plan to write about. I will send you an invitation to write here.

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