Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who really is your Registrar ?

  • Did you know your accredited Registrar – your domain name service provider - can be buying your domain names to another Registrar ?
  • Did you know the final Registrar is the one responsible for the technical management of your domain names and not the reseller ?
  • Did you know an ICANN accredited Registrar can be a domain name reseller ?
  • Did you also know being  ”ICANN accredited” does not automatically imply that your Registrar has the technical hand over your domain names, which means he cannot react if there is a technical failure or any other technical problem ?
So how do I know who my Registrar really is then ?

There is an easy way to guess: use any Whois database and check which name appears after “Registrar:”

The name of the Registrar where your domain names are registered appears then. If it does not correspond to your service provider, it means your Registrar doesn’t have the technical hand over your domain names.

Lets’ take an example with the Registrar “INDOM” :
  1. Go to  and enter the domain name “”
  2. Click on “free search”
  3. Click on the link entitled “owner”
  4. The line to ckeck is “Registrar: INDOM”
The name of the Registrar for the domain name “” really is INDOM

Now: try the name of your Registrar and check where it is registered ! Shouldn't it be registered with...him ?

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