Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.BASEL TLD project

As mentioned in the press, the government believes it will cost 342 000 € to set up the registry of the swiss city of Basel and 1.37 million to maintain it yearly.

342 000 € to launch a registry ???


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Tony Kirsch said...


It certainly sounds like a lot to start up a Registry but there are a number of unknown variables to be viewed before one could make such an assessment.

I'm not sure they are that far away.

For example, perhaps they aren't outsourcing to an established Registry Backend Services Provider and think they can build their own?

Probably silly to do so, but they could always try.

(once you've put all the new ICANN requirements into it and have a Registry capable of handling the necessary security and technical requirements, plus and appropriate hardware, ICANN application fees etc it would be more than that)

Or perhaps they want to put some extensive marketing in place prior to launch in order to maximise their returns at the start of the TLD's operations.

Whilst the numbers are a little interesting, i think the bigger question mark is over the ongoing annual costs?

What would 1.37 million Euro be used for?

CityTLDs still appear as some of the best opportunities to recoup revenue with the new gTLD program.

Those who do this properly should be able to substantially reduce those ongoing costs and let the TLD market itself over time.

Tony Kirsch
AusRegistry International

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