Monday, May 28, 2012

New domain names pre-orders are open

Did you know it is already possible to pre-order "new" domain names from the ICANN new generic Top-Level Domains program?
This post will certainly not be commenting pre-orders but I believe it is important to know that they are offered and it is suspected more offers of this kind soon start to see the day.

You can already pre-order domain names such as:
  • or mayor.dallas
  • ilove.god
  • ("dirty" in French :-)
  • ("football" in Spanish)
  • ...
They offer pre-registrations:
  1. Unitedomains:
  2. Quintaris (Pool):


  1. Yes, it's been open for a while now. However I have not seen any of the ones you have described above on UD? Anyway, good luck with your .vin

  2. The application is for .WINE, not.VIN, unless you know an applicant for .VIN :-)

  3. Hi Raffles,

    We are only adding pre-registrations for names that we can confirm are applying, either from the applicant or verifiable news sources. As new applicants announce themselves, we are adding those names on our site.

    Kate Hutchinson
    Marketing Manager, United Domains

  4. Ah I understand Kate, as it goes UD is by far the best site, easy to navigate and well designed. I've tried the other mentioned site, and have given up due to poor development of the site. Thank you.

  5. Oh Jean, that's even better. Best for the .WINE Salute!


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