Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet with .WINE applicants for "" domain names like

Meet with applicants who applied to govern .wine and .vin domain names: only one will receive ICANN's approval (ex:

I strongly recommend to click on the link entitled: "String: WINE (download public portion of application)" to download all 3 applications.

You will be required to download the web pages. Then you will find many parts numbered but 4 of them are really interesting for the end user (those who will buy these domain names to use them with their web site and email):
  1. 18 (a) - This part explains the mission/purpose of the string (ex: .wine) according to each applicant;
  2. 18 (b) - This part explains how .WINE domain names will benefit end users (Internet users with a web site which deals with wine);
  3. 18 (c) - This part explains who and how you will be able to acquire a .wine domain name;
  4. 22 - This part is a very important one. It explains how geographic names will be protected: interested in learning how each applicant plans to protect Geographical Indications? This is where you will find your answers.
To check applicants and their WINE applications, click here

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