Thursday, May 23, 2013

The NGPC to hold a series of calls to discuss .WINE and .VIN applicant responses to the GAC advice

The ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) held a discussion in Amsterdam on 18 May 2013 regarding how and when it could address the Beijing GAC advice.

Regarding wine related applications, both .VIN and .WINE applications were part ot the GAC advice to the ICANN board for further GAC consideration, the GAC advised the Board not proceed beyond Initial Evaluation with .WINE and .VIN.

The NGPC's goal is to carefully consider GAC advice and community input to make decisions that will allow the greatest number of new gTLD applications to move forward as soon as possible.

In its update, the NGPC says: "Over the next few weeks, the NGPC will hold a series of calls to discuss applicant responses to the GAC advice, the Safeguard advice and related public comment".

I understand Donuts will receive calls from the NGPC since it is the applicant for .VIN but not only: Afilias also applicant for .WINE and Famous Four Media should receive these calls too.

I have questions in mind here:
  • Who is the wine expert in the NGPC group?
  • Since none of the 3 applicants are in the wine business: what will their answer be? Will they camp on their position or will they have expected this call and adapted their speech?
  • Will these answers be made public?
  • I did not have the chance to receive an answer from ICANN from my correspondence dated April 3 2013 and entitled "Hints and Solution for the Protection of Wine Geographical Indications in the ICANN New gTLD Program", will the NGPC have a look at it?
  • Regarding .VIN, there have been discussions with the French Government already which have not resulted: will these calls make any difference with the actual situation?
  • Isn't it time ICANN hires an expert for this wine question and...decides?

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