Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wrong question to ICANN and wrong answer...

I rarely read long articles and generally focus on what is written about new gTLDs. Articles from the INTA are good ones but something really hurt me when I read that interview. One question and one answer are just...wrong.

The question: "What has been the biggest obstacle to educating Internet users around the world about the New gTLD Program?"

Am I the only one to have a problem with this question and in particular the "has been"?

The answer: "I think that the sheer scale of the program, and the fact that many Internet users around the world still don’t know about ICANN or what we do, have made this extremely difficult".

Is ICANN seriously considering that the job is done with this answer? If this is the case we are in wonderland and my belief is that ICANN should invest more in communicating about new gTLDs because very - but very - few people have heard about them.

Read the interview here.

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