Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The new gTLD info of the day (Tuesday)

The Yeti DNS Project
Note that the Yeti DNS project has complete fealty to IANA as the DNS name space manager. All IANA top-level domain names will be precisely expressed in the Yeti DNS system, including all TLD data and meta-data. We hope to inform the IANA community by peer-reviewed science as to future possibilities to consider for the IANA root DNS system.

.XYZ’s Negari and Ambrose now own 5% of Rightside
.XYZ founder and CEO Daniel Negari and COO Mike Ambrose disclosed a combined 5.2% ownership in Rightside today in an SEC filing. The disclosure is mandated because they now own more than 5% of the company.

Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management
The Nameshield Group: Registry, Corporate and Retail Registrar

Most recent Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise Period announcements

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