Friday, August 5, 2016

Registrars & Support

Congratulations to the .GDN new gTLD which has just passed 200,000 domain name registrations.

I usually don't complain so much to retail Registrars I register domain names with but when it takes up to one or two weeks to solve a simple problem, it means that something is going wrong...somewhere. What worries me more is that support does not answer, even when I am transferring domain name to their company. This is typically something that I don't understand: I am giving you money Gentlemen, please do your job. It is irritating not to receive an answer: if there is a problem, explain it and work with your client to solve it. If it is political...there always is away.

  1. Registration volumes:
    1. HOT - New gTLDs related to GENERICS;
    2. New gTLDs related to CARS;
    3. New gTLDs related to HEALTH.
  2. Congratulations - 200,000 domain names registered for the .GDN new gTLD;
  3. Reference - New gTLD statistics from Statista (new source of info);
  4. Sunrise period - 138 .GAMES applications and increasing;
  5. The contrarian thinking of a .TOP domain investor;
  6. Dirty - Did ICANN manipulate its own processes (.INC -  .LLC -  .LLP)?
  7. Patent - Application for long-lasting domain name registrations filed;
  8. Why Registry Service Providers Should be Accredited by ICANN;
  9. Article - ICANN delegates .BRANDS to Ferrari, Fiat and NBA;
  10. Just delegated new gTLDs:
    1. .LOFT (added to the REAL ESTATE new gTLD report);
    2. .LANCIA (already added to the CARS new gTLD report);
    3. .DODGE (already added to the CARS new gTLD report);
    4. .CBS
    5. .GAP
    6. .QVC
    7. Fast - .MASERATI (already added to the CARS new gTLD report);
    8. .OLDNAVY
    10. .SHOWTIME
    13. .FIDELITY (added to the FINANCE new gTLD report);
    14. .TARGET
    15. .ABARTH (already added to the CARS new gTLD report);
    16. .ATHLETA
    17. .LATINO
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