Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Counting on McDonalds to promote new gTLDs

Is McDonalds "Catering"?
Well, there is cheese, there is bread and there are French fries so let's consider that it is catering and let's be honest: isn't their McWRAP CHICKEN BACON & BBQ super good? I don't particularly like to write it but it is a fact: Both the .MCD and the .MCDONALDS are entering the CATERING new gTLD report.

No matter if McDonalds is "Catering" or not
McDonalds is typically the kind of company which has the financial capacity to communicate globally using its new domain name extensions and this is exactly what the new gTLD industry needs: we need McDonalds to communicate on its next www.bigmac.mcd for the world to notice that new domain name extensions are in use.

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Tonight's Newsletter:
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