Friday, March 17, 2017

People hate new gTLDs: the truth

Honorable Rick Schwartz is a domainer a domain name investor and has no lesson to receive in terms of buying and reselling domain names. Note that domain name investing has nothing to do with cybersquatting: it is today a very serious job and some successful investors are able to earn thousands of dollars.Some new domain names are sometimes sold for more than $100,000.00...just for one single name.

We all read complaints about new domain names from the ICANN new gTLD programs and I believe this post from M. Schwartz explains part of it, if not all.

New domain names are offering something new and I agree here that the market is being flooded, sometimes creating confusion but - as a person to keep a very close eye on the new gTLD world and its evolution - I also noticed that the major part of those who keep complaining that "new gTLDs are failing"..are the one involved in reselling ".com" domain names: a value which is being lowered due to the high volume of new domain names released to the market. I understand the frustration but new gTLDs were not created for speculators.

Some domainers thought that investing in new generic second level domains would make them earn fast cash. Unfortunately, this will take longer to happen since there are now so many new domain name extensions. I personally invested in "" and ""

The funny thing is that registry who recently announced an increase of his prices to remain profitable (taking registrants to pay a higher price), and some to conclude that the entire new gTLD program was a failure due to this: did you look around who is complaining? I did.
In the end...very few are.

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