Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Country & territory name in new gTLDs

To register country and territory names in a new domain name extension, the permission must be asked to ICANN: "as required per Section 4 of Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement, the release of country and territory names from reservation is subject to review by ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) and approval by ICANN".

2 letters domain names
Let's imagine that the .LEXUS new gTLD wants to have the use of www.fr.lexus for a French version of its website, it means that this request has to be "approved": the LEXUS Trademark does not have authority to create the domains that it wants.
Registries are required to reserve such names, and must propose the release of specific country and territory names upon agreement with the relevant governments.

6 requests
Six .BRAND registries just made that request:
  3. .OBI
  4. .SHARP
  5. .TOYOTA
  6. .LEXUS
If this is now a common procedure at ICANN and chances are high that theses requests will be approved, it also means that these specific Trademarks probably have a plan to use these country & territory name in their domain name extension.

Can't wait for www.shapr.fr www.fr.sharp

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