Friday, March 29, 2019

The .EPOST new gTLD was terminated

The .EPOST new gTLD registry agreement was terminated: on 27 March 2019, ICANN provided Deutsche Post AG with a Notice of Registry Agreement Termination.

What the application said:

According to the Applicant, Deutsche Post AG (ʺDeutsche Postʺ), the mission and purpose of the .EPOST TLD are manifold, as will be further explained below.

Broadly speaking, the mission and purpose can be divided into brand-, convenience-, and security-related issues. The security-related issues refer to the idea underlying the product E-POSTBRIEF which - generally speaking - aims at taking the classic letter into the Internet, thereby supporting confidential, binding and reliable communication (i.e. secure electronic communication, as well as trusted transactions).

At this, the product E-POSTBRIEF is the pioneering product of the E-POST-platform which, in the future, will combine various services and products all dealing with trusted transactions and secure electronic communications - such as payment and⁄or identification services. It is envisioned that .EPOST will serve as the umbrella domain for all of these services and products.

The benefits of .EPOST are envisioned to be as follows:
  1. SECURITY FOR THE BRAND: First and foremost, securing and protecting the distinctive component of one of Applicantʹs key brands (ʺE-POSTBRIEFʺ and ʺE-POSTʺ respectively) and popular URL ʺEPOST.deʺ as a gTLD;
  2. SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION: Provide for a global platform in order to effectuate Deutsche Postʹs plans to roll out ⁄ to internationalize the innovative services offered by Deutsche Post under these brands;
  3. SUPPORT FOR NAVIGATION ⁄ ORIENTATION: Since both the Applicantʹs product in general as well as the key brands ʹE-POSTBRIEFʹ, respectively ʹE-POSTʹ in particular have many different (sub-)categories, features and⁄or functions, the gTLD .EPOST enables an unambiguous and distinctive navigation or mapping for the users.
    1. the gTLD as an ʹextensionʹ of the brand and its values: As not only the Applicantʹs but also the key brandsʹ (ʹE-POSTBRIEFʹ and ʹE-POSTʹ) main value is ʹtrustʹ, the gTLD should provide stakeholders of the Applicant with a recognizable and trusted identifier on the Internet. Such stakeholders include, but are not limited to:
      1. its subsidiaries in various countries;
      2. affiliate partners; 
      3. sponsorships;
      4. prospective and current customers; and
      5. directors and officers of Deutsche Post and its subsidiaries, including its employees.
    2. the gTLD as an ʹextensionʹ of the brandʹs promise ⁄ unique selling proposition: Since the Applicantʹs product ʹE-POSTʹ and other upcoming products enables customers to safely and securely communicate online, it seems logical to provide such stakeholders with a trusted, secure and safe Internet environment under the control of the Applicant, in which they are able to obtain information from and communicate with the Applicant and where they are able to obtain genuine information provided by Deutsche Post and its approved stakeholders.

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