Wednesday, September 6, 2023

New gTLDs are on Bluesky

We just joined the new App entitled Bluesky where we will probably be migrating from Twitter, (now called "X"). Note that we will keep posting on Twitter since this move is new and the app is not yet officially opened : it requires a invitation code to join. 

Once you have joined (and once you have joined only), you can use: and add us. If you have not joined, it will probably take you to the frontpage of Bluesky.

The reason for this move is simple:

  • I, Jean Guillon, don't like the way Elon Musk communicates on Twitter because he owns the application: I do not accept his speach on Ukraine. What is going on right now is not acceptable. I like Teslas though.
  • Twitter is becoming a spam machine, it happens more and more that I am (automatically?) retweeted by bots dealing with things that have absolutely nothing to do with new gTLDs: accounts from naked women for example. This is annoying.
    Also, the non-consensual nudity policy is too hypocritical for me. I extracted this from this policy "Pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content are allowed on Twitter, provided that this media is marked as sensitive. Doing so provides people who may not want to see this type of content with a warning that they will need to acknowledge before viewing your media". This is pure crap. I have stopped reporting accounts, it is useless and nothing changes.
    This is not the kind of tool I want to use for my profession.
I hope Bluesky can bo better than this. For example, there is neither pornography nor spam on LinbkedIn.

In the future, we will change our URL to a personalized domain name.

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