Monday, October 30, 2023

New gTLDS from Microsoft and Amazon

The ICANN TLD Startup information page was just updated with information from Microsoft and Amazon. Unfortunately, the teal in charge of setting up this page does not mention what the updates are until one is able to dig on the ICANN website to find the information. Apparently, not much is going on for the .BRAND Top-Level Domains listed from Microsoft but two TLDs from Amazon updated their Trademark claims periods.

Microsoft new gTLD updates:

  1. .AZURE
  2. .BING
  6. .XBOX
ICANN TLD Startup Information page

Amazon new gTLD updates:

  1. .書籍” is a TLD in Japanese language characters that mean “book” in English (surprisingly, it is a Chinese language character too).
  2. .ファッション” is a TLD in Japanese language characters that mean “fashion” in English.
The two Trademark claims periods end on 04 February 2025. The strange thing about these two is that they are not even listed on the official Amazon Registry website.

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