Friday, October 13, 2023

The .CEO new gTLD was just acquired, let's keep an eye on this one

As announced in this press release, the .XYZ Registry just acquired another Top-Level Domain, the .CEO new gTLD. 

If this information is of interest for very few, what is interesting here is that .XYZ and its team can be good at developing registries: the .XYZ domain name extension counts 3,678,385 domain names created and it is the new gTLD with the highest volume of domain names created since the first round of the ICANN news gTLD program in 2012.

The .CEO Top-Level domain is a niche TLD dedicated to Chief Executive Officers "only" and counts 3,768 domain names today (Octover the 13th, 2023). Let's have a look at this publication in exactly 6 months to check if the extensions kept developing or not.

Below a screenshot from with numbers dated October the 13th 2023: 

Click to enlarge.

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