Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Community and Geographic: 2 new gTLD reports added

We added 2 monthly new gTLD reports to WWW.GTLD.REPORT. This time, these reports focus, not on a type of industry but a type of new gTLD application: Community and Geographic ones. This brings the list of monthly reports to 22. These reports are a monthly snapshot of domain name registration volumes per Top-Level Domain listed.

Please note that this list of Top-Level Domains is filtered from the official delegated applications of the ICANN website. It is unclear to me if is updated from time to time since .SKI appears as community application, as well as .BUGATTI (which was recently terminated). The same applies for .BAR which is listed as a Geographic application as well as .DOHA which was terminated. One is even listed as a community and geographic application: .SCOT. 

Check the reports:

  1. COMMUNITY (ie: .REIT - .SHIA - .PARS - .MMA - .LDS - etc...)
  2. GEOGRAPHIC (ie: .FRL - .NRW - .SCOT - .WALES - etc...)

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