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In which extension(s) should companies secure their domains?
We believe that registered Companies from medium to large size should have a certain number of domain names secured. This report - sent in our Newsletter - is about new domain name extension registration volumes related to Companies.

We have selected a list of 20 new gTLDs, and 2 legacy TLDs
A company based in a certain country or who has a presence in several countries should also secure ccTLDs (country code Top-Level Domains).This report is about new gTLDs "only".

The report is updated once a month
Extensions are listed according to what we would buy as a medium size company in order of preference:
  • The .COMPANY new gTLD: the risk is high for a non-English speaking company to have this one squatted. A Company located in an English speaking country should definitely use one of these. 
  • The .INTERNATIONAL new gTLD: an International Company located in an English speaking country should definitely register its ".international" domain name: the appeal is the same as ".global". 
  • The .CONTACT new gTLD: a good webpage for all contacts. Every company has a contact page. 
  • The .EXPERT new gTLD: if your company is not an expert in its field of expertise, then don't go for this one. 
  • The .公司 : ".company" in Chinese. 
  • Etc... 
We also considered other TLDs. The reason why we did not add them is that some of them make no sense for companies located in another country. If many of the extensions in our list are multilingual, ".sale" for example has a complete different meaning in French so such examples were not added.

Check the full report.

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