June 2017

New domain name registration volumes: all new gTLD reports were updated by Jean Guillon.

Friday, February 19, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday the 19th

Someone wrote the story of the .WINE and .VN new gTLDs. I would have added a few things to the story but the website is interesting: it is about selling Premium .wine and .vin domain names and I kind of find the concept interesting. More on .CLOUD and .STORE
  1. The story of .WINE & .VIN domain names;
  2. Project dotVinum :-)
  3. Follow-up on .CLOUD registration volumes;
  4. More on the .STORE future launching;
  5. Almost one million domains registered in one day! 
  6. There is an academy to learn about investing in domain names;
  7. The .GAY new gTLD: the story is not over;
  8. More coming.
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