Thursday, February 18, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday the 18th

The .AFRICA new gTLD story is a long one and, with .WINE & .VIN, it will probably have been one of the most discussed and criticized. Today, we found numbers and a very good article, written by myself, and published on the French Journal Du Net. Also spotted: a .BRAND has 6000+ URLs indexed in Google.
  1. New Registry enters the top 5 of domain name extensions;
  2. In French: a Registry, victim of its own success;
  3. Is the .AFRICA new gTLD story coming an end? It looks like it;
  4. Many thought the ICANN new gTLD program would fail, well many were wrong :-)
  5. HOT - Just found: a .BRAND new gTLD has more than 6000 names registered in google;
  6. Coming to the web: the .STORE new gTLD;
  7. More coming during the day.

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