Saturday, March 27, 2010

Register your dot"project".com or not ?

I was wondering who would be the first to register Now I know. was registered last week.

Wether it is a company name, a project or a brand, the «dot» sign seems to become the nomenclature to use when registering a domain name related to a Top Level Domain project.

For example : the TLD project related to the hotel business can be found at

When checking generic keywords : it is possible to «discover» a new TLD project, an old existing web site, a recent page with sponsored links (how surprising?) already cybersquatted domain name.

Now, my concern goes to brands thinking about their personalized TLD : should they register their .com domain name which could inform about their intention to go for their extension or should they not to keep this confidential ?

My advice ?

Chances are high these domains will be cybersquatted at some point anyway. Brands should register, at least, their dot”brand”.com domain name.

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