Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project dotVinum for .wine domain names

I receive more and more calls and emails regarding the .wine new generic Top-Level Domain and project dotVinum's web site for .wine, .vino and .vin domain names. Again yesterday a journalist from The Wall Street Journal interviewed me about .wine and...there are many questions I did not answer (Sorry S.).

Project dotVinum is a web site which explains what these new domain names are, what the objectives are when it comes to launching a wine registry, what the targets are, the budget and a calendar.

The application is to be submitted soon and many people are involved in this project:
  • Myself;
  • A back-end registry provider;
  • Lawyers;
  • and many other profesionnals.
I am aware I do not answer all questions. I do not answer because part of this information is highly confidential as you can expect.

Little after the application is made public by ICANN, a new web site will be launched and Project dotVinum's web site will point to it and continue to develop to provide information.

Project dotVinum:

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