Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on the Trademark ClearingHouse

I have more and more questions regarding the Trademark Clearinghouse so here is an update.
  • Reading the project Timeline, I understand the Trademark Clearinhouse will be launched in October 2012;
  • Rightsholders should be charged around USD 150 to subscribe and there will be an annual renewal fee;
  • Registries will pay too: a set-up fee of USD 7,000 to 10,000 will be due per TLD registry. The set-up fee should cover Sunrise and Trademark Claims processes, as well as assistance in integration and testing;
  • ICANN has set up an official web page I suggest all interested parties should visit it. As it says, this page tracks the progress of implementation work done on the Trademark Clearinghouse.
The next date is Wednesday the 27 of June 2012

In June the 27
th, there will be a session in Prague which will provide an update on the continuing work toward implementation of the Clearinghouse.

The session will include a review of processes that are being built, such as:
  1. Submission of rights information to the Clearinghouse;
  2. Sunrise registration and notification processes;
  3. Trademark Claims notification processes.
There will be a virtual meeting room to watch session leader Kurt Pritz (Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations) update interested parties. Note it is planned that this session will include the participation of one or more providers of Clearinghouse services.

To attend, click here.

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