Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More public comments for .VIN and .WINE new gTLDs

As the end of public comments is approaching (today), participants, applicants, new comers, brands, competing applicants, imbeciles and law firms are publishing their last public comments.

A few were submitted by Richard Tindal, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Donuts, an applicant in competition for the .WINE new gTLD and only applicant for the .VIN (wine in French). His comment comes in two parts and is submitted to the attention of the String Similarity Evaluation Panel.

It starts with: "Donuts takes this opportunity to contribute to application comments relating to administration of new gTLDs, the issue of confusing similarity, and the potential addition of new rights protection mechanisms (RPMs)":
  1. Part one: "Walled Gardens and Community" is available here;
  2. Part two: "Confusing similarity" and "Uniform applications of new RPMs" can be read here.
The same public comments were submitted for the .VIN new gTLD.

Reminder: Project dotVinum, created in 2009 for wine new generic Top-Level Domains, supports Donuts new gTLD applications. The reason of this support is given in a public comment.

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