Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New gTLDs latest news

I want to apologize for not publishing so much recently but you may have noticed many things are happening with ICANN at the moment :-)

Please check my latest news about new gTLDs:
  • Free Speech Coalition is against .Sex, .Porn and .Adult new gTLDs (more here);
  • ICANN meeting in Toronto: Full Schedule View (more here);
  • The new gTLD Early Warnings (Governmental Advisory Committee) - (more here);
  • ICANN seeks service providers for the URS (more here);
  • Trademark Clearinghouse Update (more here) ;
  • Better new gTLD trademark protections could come in the first round (more here);
  • Next ICANN webinar on Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) - (more here);
  • Icann "hastening the threat of monopolisation" through its new scheme to sell generic words (more here)?
  • New gTLD applicants to tell ICANN to keep dotless domains an option (more here);
  • Delaware secretary of state opposes .INC, .CORP and .LTD new gTLDs (more here);
  • Why some brands stayed out of first Dot-Brand auction (more here). According to this article, you can still acquire an new Top-Level Domain (...)
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