Friday, September 14, 2012

New gTLDs events and Timeline: the WHEN question

There are many questions on the ICANN new gTLD program at the moment: many members of the new gTLD community start to wonder not "if" but "when" their application will see the day. Topics of the moment are:
  1. The Clarifying question;
  2. The Trademark ClearingHouse (...);
  3. Objections and change requests;
  4. Public comments;
  5. Batching.
There are probably many others but these are the one I keep an eye on at the moment.

I have been talking to a few "future" Registrants recently and there is one question that comes back frequently: "when can I buy a new domain name?"
Well, I am sorry but I do not have this answer and with the ICANN new gTLD program delays, I doubt no one can have an answer to that question.

But, part of his answer can be found down this page on the ICANN web site and in English (fot those who understand how to read it): but again, I am sorry to say that it does not tell much so I checked around and read the Com Laude Newsletter dated September 2012. Page 3 is their version of the new timetable and the processes involved.
Once again, the content of the Newsletter is a must read for anyone who needs an update on the ICANN new gTLD program but I strongly suggest to read page 3 to have a better visibility of the WHEN question.


jfc said...

Do not worry, ICANN will be terminated before this project becomes fully operational. The only purpose of this project is to justify the existence of ICANN as an USG internet front-end. There might be some vTLDs sometimes, once everyone is under DNSSEC (which givers the ultimate control to the USG). However, Google Public DNS may have taken the lead before, if the technology switch to the Internet+ has not changed the whole rule of the game. People should have read and reread ICP-3 before falling in the ICANN Trap.

Jean Guillon said...

So, Google could create its own Internet (let's call it "Internet+") and, for example, have avoided the ICANN new gTLD program to create its own new gTLDs?

Since they operate their own Browser (Chrome), why don't they do it?

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