Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to resolve string contentions sooner

The applicant auction is a private auction to resolve string contentions in advance of the ICANN last-resort auction.

The advantage of the applicant auction is that all the value of the auction stays with the applicants. Moreover, since the contentions are resolved more quickly, ICANN may award the top-level domains to the winning applicants sooner.

What are the key benefits of the Applicant Auction?

Relative to the ICANN last resort auction, the applicant auction has many benefits. The applicant auction:
  1. maximizes the value of the domains by putting them to their best use;
  2. rapidly resolves contention leading to faster ICANN assignment;
  3. allows the applicants to retain the benefits of resolution, rather than sharing the benefits with ICANN;
  4. lowers the price paid by the buyer—the applicant with the highest bid; and
  5. compensates sellers—the applicants with lower bids—with a share of the buyer’s payment.
Workshops ended yesterday but I am sure interested applicants will learn more here.

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