Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A few things I read about new gTLDs recently

  1. Google Inc: GOOG alters algorithm in preparation for launch of new gTLDs; value of new gTLDs tipped to increase significantly, click here;
  2. Public comment on the revised draft of the New gTLD Registry Agreement, click here;
  3. .VIN & .WINE new gTLDs: CHAMPAGNE wines strongly support the position expressed by the GAC, click here;
  4. An applicant is pissed by ICANN delays and explains consequences of these multiple delays, click here;
  5. New TLD applicants can learn some lessons from .TEL, click here.
There is more on the "new generic Top-Level Domains" group on LinkedIn (almost 1200 members). It is free to join, to discuss and ask questions.

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