Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Who Are the Major New gTLD Applicants and… (Part Six: Starting Dot)

Starting Dot ("SD") is a French new gTLD applicant which applied for five strings: .ARCHI, .BIO, .DESIGN, (which has been withdrawn) .IMMO and .SKI. It is the only French applicant to have applied for several open new gTLDs. Some French brands have applied too but as closed Top-Level Domains.

The "Who's who" of Starting Dot
  1. "The Grand Architect": the mind behind Starting Dot is Godefroy Jordan. Not only is he the person to contact for questions and communication but Godefroy is also quite ingrained with French politics. So when it comes to playing behind the scenes in French equivalent of the pentagon, he's a guy I would ask to pick up the phone on my behalf.
  2. The .SKI man: Ironically when I asked Rob to give me some info on himself he was skiing. Rob is the evangelist for .SKI in the snowsports community. His passion has raised awareness for the benefits of a lifestyle new gTLD .SKI in the community and his experience in marketing is helping registrars unlock new opportunities to reach skiers globally.
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