Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fadi Chehadé mentions "a list" in his letter to Honorable Axelle Lemaire on .WINE & .VIN

"C'est la consécration" ;-)

The letter, made public last night, mentions "a reserved list of names". I personally want to congratulate parties in charge of protecting Wine Geographical Indications for reaching out to this conclusion.

Even if we did not have the chance to be thanked the same way as Honorable Axelle Lemaire in 2013 for informing ICANN about these exact same solutions, we are happy to read that these past two years were not wasted for nothing and that an agreement is to be found.

We also want to suggest ICANN (and Axelle Lemaire) to read our article dated April 22, 2013.

Extract of the letter: "The parties involved are now working on devising a mechanism which would offer protections to a reserved list of names, which would be contractually protected through ICANN’s registry agreement, along with a set of rules around how those names could be distributed to parties that have interests in and the rights to them".

  1. The letter (to be downloaded):;
  2. Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin are easy to protect: stick to the official databases:;
  3. Official letter sent by Project dotVinum to ICANN in 2013:;
  4. Why Donuts should do both .WINE and .VIN new gTLDs:
Wine Geographical Indications might be able to register their domain names with Uniregistry (in a close future).

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