Monday, November 17, 2014 moves to the Blogger platform (authors: read this)

From Wordpress to Blogger

Almost a year ago I launched a club for authors interested in new gTLDs to write about the subject of their choice. I started this project on the already very popular platform but I am more familiar with the Blogger platform which I find easier to use and more efficient for what I do.

Reason for this move
  • Blogging requires to be able to post fast and minimize the number of clicks for the post to be published. I find Blogger faster.
  • Wordpress does not allow to play much, at least on the .COM platform, and it is expensive too. The .ORG platform allows to download Wordpress and install it on a hosted account at any registrar but again, it requires far too many clicks, a Registrar, a minimum technical knowledge and more passwords. Blogger is free and requires to write a post, and that's it.
  • Many authors did not write on because the process required to create...a blog on Wordpress: on Blogger, the author's email is needed, and that's it.
Authors: please read this
Changing from a platform to another means that authors have to register again to be granted access to This is the bad thing about migrating to another platform. Dear Authors, you are welcome to request a new invitation to be able to post again.

Your design is ugly
I know that but since I am no web designer, it will remain like this. I focus on content when I read, not on design...and anyway: was ugly on the Worpress platform too ;-)

Translate please
Everybody does not read English nor French and even if no one likes automatic translation tools, it can be interesting to be able to understand an article when it is not in your own language so I added "Google Traduction" to this Blog because I write in both languages.

Old articles
Old articles will remain on the old platform.

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