Friday, January 2, 2015

My Wishes for 2015 (Jean Guillon)

There are already many articles about 2014 look backs on new gTLDs and probably more coming. The links will be posted on Here are two of them:

My personnal wishes for 2015:
  1. .WINE & .VIN new gTLDs: ICANN, "please take a decision".
  2. Translation: the final version of the ICANN new gTLD applicant guidebook is still not translated in other languages but English. This is a lack of opportunity due to lack of understanding for potential applicants in Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program to take a close future?
  3. New domain names mass adoption: 2015 = (2014 x 2 registration volumes)?
  4. Alternative Roots ruled by Governments: it is still early to say but I hope countries from Asia, Africa and the European Union consider developing their own version of an Internet to compete with the ICANN root. Many disagree with this but a different Governance could: offer Brands a better protection; avoid (or help block) mass surveillance; give Corporations a trustful place where to be represented online; have adult content blocked for kids; help react fast to content related to terrorism and hate; terminate spam, etc...
    Humanity has no experience with other versions of the Internet: why wouldn't it be better and in other languages but English?
  5. More promotion for new gTLDs: the best way to spread the message is to have major Brands and niche markets to use new domain names, they are the one to talk about it on their visit cards, publications, emails, paper advertising and networks.
All my best wishes for this new Year.

Jean Guillon.

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