Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday: the new gTLD info of the day (updated)
Curiosity of the day
The .BROTHER new gTLD (see application here) uses two letter second level domain names. The new gTLD applicant guidebook is not supposed to allow this.

ICANN Appoints MFSD as First European Uniform Rapid Suspension System Provider
ICANN today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MFSD Srl (MFSD) establishing MFSD as a new Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) provider.
.Club has sold 2,000 premium domain name so far today
.Club registry gets solid results from release of 13,000 premium names.

.BANK By the Numbers: Domestic Impact
To date*, 5,165 .BANK domain names have been registered in the U.S. by 2,534 banks. Outside the U.S., 560 domain names have been registered. An infographic from last month provides additional insights into the international impact of .BANK.

new gTLDs 2015: Wachstum und Prestige-Projekte
In ihrem zweiten Jahr haben die neuen Domain-Endungen ihre Position auf dem internationalen Markt gefestigt Рdank kontinuierlich steigender Registrierungszahlen und öffentlichkeitswirksamen Projekten.

British businesses fall victim to 'cybersquatters' amid domain name rollout
However, new research reveals that some of the UK’s biggest companies are failing to protect their intellectual property, with many domain names relating to British brands already being bought up by third parties.

The Com Laude & Valideus Gazetteer of Top Level Domains
The purpose of the Gazetteer is to help brand owners and IP professionals navigate the new world of domains which emerged when ICANN launched its new gTLD programme three years’ ago.

Two Sunrise Periods started today
the .SECURITY new gTLD;

Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management
The Nameshield Group: Registry, Corporate and Retail Registrar

Most recent Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise Period announcements

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