Monday, January 11, 2016

The new gTLD info for Monday
Whats' hot:
  1. Backend Registry takes first place
  2. Geo domains and .CITY TLDs
  3. Building the .BUZZ new gTLD (podcast)
  4. When APPLE buys a new domain name
  5. The new gTLD AUCTION of the year
  6. Thinking outside .COM
  7. Apple Registers .CARs domains
  8. Statistics (".xyz" vs ".us")
  9. .SKI: a bice story for Rob Rozicki
Neustar takes first place
Neustar Inc becomes first back-end Registry provider in number of domain names registered.

Where You At: GeoDomains and City TLDs
Panels convened around Topic Tables, so let’s check in on one of them. GeoDomains and CityTLDs saw a crowd of attendees flocked to round tables to discuss the finer aspects of this complicated industry. At a discussion on GeoDomans and City TLDs, Katrin Ohlmer, CMO of dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. K, said that Germans like domain names, so a lot of them have .de names. “Switching from .de to .berlin becomes a bigger priority.”

The December ".CLUB" report
As of December 31, 2015, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to$3,398,167.27. The highest single sale remains at $140,000.00. The highest sale in December was $58,720.97 for the name, sold in the auction.

Building Buzz with Bill Doshier
How do you build buzz for a top level domain name .buzz? Bill Doshier has done a remarkable job as a mostly one-man show, building the domain name up and finding a loyal following of registrants.

Apple to launch dating service, Forex trading
Apple car domains mean nothing. Just like its registration of .dating and .forex domain names.

NamesCon 2016 Live Auction List
There are old ".com" but there are a dozen of ".club" domains too.
Francesco Cetraro, Head of Registry Operations at .CLOUD, explains how the increasing amount of options beyond registering a .com domain name opens up a whole array of fresh branding opportunities for smart marketers.

Apple registers .CARS domain names
The .Car domain extension is operated in a partnership between the XYZ (Daniel Negari’s company) and Uniregistry (Frank Schilling’s company). The partnership also operates the .Cars and .Auto domain name extensions. It looks like Apple also secured the Apple.Cars and Apple.Auto domain names as well.

More .XYZ domain names than .US
According to the number of .XYZ registration is 1,726,541 compared to .US hich has 1,670.478.

How .Ski Has Allowed Rob Rozicki to Turn Pastime Into a Profession
Launching the .ski extension was a natural selection for me to get into new gTLDs. I’m apassionate skier and know that community like the back of my hand. If you look at the demographics of the community and role technology plays in modern ski culture its easy to see how important it is for skiers, businesses and brands to have their own piece of internet real estate like .ski.

Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management
The Nameshield Group: Registry, Corporate and Retail Registrar

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