Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The new gTLD info of Tuesday

  1. What you recently read is wrong
  2. Results of the ".club" yesterday's auction
  3. .BOSTON new gTLD sold to M+M?
  4. Internet Governance and new gTLDs
  5. Premium ".global" domains are for sale this week
  6. For those who still pay interest to the .SUCKS new gTLD
  1. TRUE or FALSE Questions
    Conclusion? There is a lot of lying or "hype" going on when it comes to domain names--in the domain name industry, at ICANN, and elsewhere.
  2. Results of the NamesCon auction
    (".club" domain names)
    1. night.club was sold for $12.000
    2. space.club : $3.750
    3. athletic.club : $9.000
    4. strip.club : $10.000
    5. pot.club : $10.000
    6. running.club: ?
      More names are available here (bottle.club - breakfast.club - fitness.club)
  3. Boston Globe sells .Boston domain name to Minds + Machines
    Minds + Machines has acquired the .Boston top level domain name from Boston Globe Media, the company announced today. The acquisition price was not disclosed.
  4. Internet Governance Outlook 2016Cooperation & Confrontation
  5. ICANN & IETF: In the Internet Governance Microcosms, the management of critical Internet resources, the completion of the IANA transition and the further development of the new gTLD program will dominate the 2016 agenda...
  6. Premium ".global" domains
    (valid until January 15th)
    These domains are offered at a significant discount to what we would normally quote, and on a first-come-first-served basis until January 15.
  7. .sucks “gagging” registrar critics?
    .sucks may be all about freedom of speech, but some registrars reckon the registry is trying to ban them from criticizing the new gTLD in public.
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