Thursday, February 4, 2016

TGIT: the new gTLD info for Thursday

There is a lot said today about the .GAY new gTLD. Applicant for .AFRICA is helping a lot write the history of new generic Top-Level Domains (...).
  1. ICANN: It seems that there will be a .GAY new gTLD;
  2. .AFRICA new gTLD: applicant sues ICANN;
  3. There is a Registrant using a ".glass" domain name :-)
  4. Beyond The Dot 2016;
  5. New gTLD applicant's request for reconsideration denied;
  6. First week in history that a .XYZ and .HOSTING domain make it to the top ten;
  7. Huge list of (new) Registries heading to China:
  8. Funny: public answer found to the ICANN Questionnaire: Measuring DNS Abuse in New gTLDs;
  9. 2 new Sunrise Periods were just announced;
  10. "Because it is the .LAW"
  11. More coming to your Newsletter tonight.

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