Friday, February 5, 2016

The Friday "new gTLDs" NEWS

This is another Friday with NEWS about new gTLDs: today, the ICANN CEO is beeing criticized, the .PHARMACY new gTLD is promoting its new domain names, the "Whois" is improved and one Registry a registry is downgraded There will be more info published  the Newsletter by the end of the day (it is just 10:45 here in Paris at the moment this is is published):
  1. American senator to accuse Fadi Chehade (CEO of ICANN - New gTLDs);
  2. Follow-up on .PHARMACY new gTLD: list of Not Recommended Websites is extended;
  3. Ex ICANN Director leaves again for a new role in the new gTLD business;
  4. ICANN New gTLD Program "Plays Roulette";
  5. NASDAQ listed Registry is downgraded from a “buy” rating to a “hold”;
  6. Another article on .GAY rejection by the ICANN;
  7. Updated of the PDT Whois test specifications;
  8. New domain names: registration strategies;
  9. Conflict of interest at ICANN?
  10. Board Changes and Grant of Share Options;
  11. More coming during the day.
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