Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday the 24th

You will find yesterday's update in today's Newsletter with an interview of a multiple registry's CEO. Today is day one of the .MOM Sunrise Period. 
  1. HOT: The $1 Million Release Of DotWine;
  2. $100M in Sales and New Executives for Multiple Registry;
  3. China helps Famous Four Media exceed its growth projections;
  4. The .MOM Sunrise Period (reminder);
  5. Independent review of the Trademark Clearinghouse;
  6. Fine with buying a new domain name, instead of a ".com";
  7. Should brands REALLY get on new gTLDs and give up the status quo?
  8. HOT: Interview with new CEO of Multiple Registry (M+M);
  9. Meet with the .CLUB Registry at INTA Orlando: register today;
  10. Buying a domain name is now made easier with the "domain concierge";
  11. Is the URS dying?
  12. Google to promote new gTLDs on Twitter;
  13. HOT: Donuts appoints outside director, new CFO;
  14. The .PET new gTLD is now open to the public;
  15. American Senator unhappy with ICANN's work;
  16. New gTLDs and naming standards;
  17. Too many new domain names?
  18. In French: "Le nom de domaine, nouveau signe distinctif jurisprudentiel";
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