Sunday, February 28, 2016

The new gTLD info for Sunday the 28th

You may have noticed that we took a few days off. Below is the latest info we collected on new gTLDs since last Wednesday.
  1. Tips for Taking Advantage of Nontraditional Domain Names:
    1. Align your domain with your mission;
    2. Point to social media;
    3. Improve your SEO.
  2. New gTLDs: The Internet Has Expanded;
  3. 40 pages presentation in French: "Différences entre une Marque et un Nom de domaine" (new gTLDs);
  4. Two new gTLD applications schedules for ICANN auction;
  5. for sale in an auction;
  6. Ex multiple Registry's chair to sue company;
  7. More End User New Domain Name Sales;
  8. Update on .SPACE new gTLD;
  9. A Goodbye letter to ICANN (new gTLDs);
  10. First new generic Top-Level Domain to be deleted is?
  11. In French: update on .AFRICA new gTLD;
  12. Coalitions vs. Communities and new top level domain names.

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