Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Today is Tuesday: the new gTLD info for the day

The more I post links to news about new gTLDs, the more I find that more and more end-users write about their experience with new gTLDs. To me this is another demonstration of ICANN new gTLD program's success.
  1. ".club" domain names: what are the goals this year?
  2. Minds And Machines: Trading and operational update & notice of results;
  3. The .CLUB Registry strengthens partnership with major service provider;
  4. It is possible that it takes longer to register ".SHOP" domain names;
  5. Bloomberg reports on .GAY new gTLD;
  6. Do you want beachfront Real-Estate with new domain names?
  7. Article: "Why new domain names matter"?
  8. Revised New gTLD Program Implementation Review Report Now Available;
  9. More coming during the day.
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