Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The new gTLD info for Tuesday the 1st

I found two new gTLD reports today, one is dated the 26th of February but it remains up to date. The new gTLD report related to Companies is the up-to-date version of a first report I published and that had received a certain success. I will be updating this report every Tuesday in the Newsletter (only). I am also working on another report related to sports.
  1. HOT - Registry investor about ".democrat", ".dance", ".army", ".navy", and ".airforce" new gTLDs: "Most of these new GTLDs are irrelevant and will never be sold in material volumes".
  2. Registrars object to “unreasonable” .bank demands;
  3. New gTLD Report – February 2016;
  4. Patent: search engine optimized domain name;
  5. Sales of New .PET Domain in Top 10% of New TLDs!
  6. New gTLD Updates: .VIP - .八卦 ("gossip") - .BANK 1 & 2-character domains - .FEEDBACK - .WIKI - .INK - .PARIS & .BERLIN Premium Domains...
  7. Examples of new domain names in use;
  8. HOT - new gTLDs related to Companies (newsletter only);
  9. Tools for .BANK new gTLD with an interesting document about SEO/New gTLDs;
  10. More on coming .WEBSITE domain names' auction;
  11. More coming during the day.
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