Thursday, April 7, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, April 7th

"Universal Acceptance", in the new gTLD world, is a way to discuss how new domain name registration volumes are doing: how new domain names are installing on Internet. Like we wrote it yesterday - we see more an more announcements from the music industry and other major players launching their websites with a new domain name. Universal Acceptance of new domain names is improved when Google communicates on a or Today, it is BAIDU's turn.
  1. The Chinese giant BAIDU uses a .TOP new domain name for its website design agency;
  2. The official .INSURANCE website has launched (reminder about the Sunrise Period);
  3. Seven new gTLDs were delegated and one of them is the .ABUDHABI domain name extension;
  4. Something about the .VLAANDEREN new gTLD;
  5. Examples of .SEAT websites and how to extract new gTLD URLs from the Google index;
  6. .VATICAN: now in English;
  7. Podcast on .EARTH new domain names;
  8. 150 ".store" registrations in day 1;
  9. More coming during the day.
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