Friday, October 7, 2016

New gTLDs: new announcements from the TMCH

The Trademark Clearinghouse just announced more Sunrise Periods, many are from Amazon. The new gTLD concerned are:
  1. the .食品 (food). The TLD was added to the CATERING weekly new gTLD report;
  2. the .ファッション (fashion);
  3. the .ストア (store);
  4. the .家電 (consumer electronics);
  5. the .書籍 (book);
  6. the .クラウド (cloud);
  7. the .BABY;
  8. the .GOOG (Google and its affiliates will be the sole registrants).
New domain name registration volumes:
Tonight's new gTLD Newsletter:
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What you missed in our previous Newsletter:
  1. HOT - The silent evolution of domain names:
    1. An industry that is finally maturing;
    2. Will this evolution in naming work?
    3. How big Is the market, really?
    4. The big league;
    5. The future is already here.
  2. CRAP - The 10 Most Abused Top Level Domains;
  3. Good read - Famous Domainer talks about new gTLDs;
  4. Registration volumes: Donuts Inc provides another source of info;
  5. Two Great Videos For Entrepreneurs, From new gTLD Entrepreneurs;
  6. French - "";
  7. For .CLUB resellers: domain names can be bought at the retail price of $1,99 (details here);
  8. The .CAM Sunrise Period has started.

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