Thursday, October 6, 2016

Most abused new gTLDs

Difficult not to stop on that report, published yesterday, on TOP 10 most abused new gTLDs. I stopped on the first two lines of the report and noticed something about "Registries allowing accredited Registrars to sell to spammers".

If I agree that Registrars and Registries sell domain names for profit (is there something wrong about this?), I disagree with what this report says: when it comes to selling domain names, one of the reasons why ICANN allows a Registry to be a Registry is that a Registry cannot select who it sells to (even "Community new gTLD applications" do not select who they sell to).

At the end of the report, I also read that Registries should do some cleaning to turn spammers away. Can someone help me understand how a Registry can do some cleaning?
A client who pays is a client who pays and unless I missed something, isn't this an important subject that the ICANN tried to solve prior to the first Round of the ICANN new gTLD program to begin?

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