Friday, February 3, 2017

New gTLD reports for February 2017

New gTLD reports for the month of February 2017 have been published. These were published on a weekly basis in 2016 for the launching of most of the new generic Top-Level Domains. These publications focus on domain name registration volumes according to businesses and industries.

Industries and businesses
A list of “themes” was chosen to target specific business and activities: new gTLDs related to CATERING, PHOTOGRAPHY, CITIES, COMPANIES, The LAW, FINANCE, COLORS, SPORT, ALCOHOL, REAL ESTATE, Singular VS Plural versions of a new gTLD, FRENCH new gTLD applications, RELIGION, GENERIC TLDs, CARS, HEALTH, new gTLDs with a FRENCH connotation and ADULTS.

These themes offer registrants two possibilities:
  1. Learn” and get to know which domain name extensions exist in their core business so they can register corresponding domain names if they want to;
  2. Stay in touch” so they can keep an eye on the domain name expansion related to their activity.
Registration volumes
One could wonder why it matters to follow new domain name registration volumes.

If it first matters for a dentist to know that there is a domain name extension ending in “.dentist” which exists (instead of “.com”), a “.agency” for an agency or a “.football” for a football federation; it is also important to know that such identities can correspond to your core business and that they are available to anyone who wants to register one. No need for an authorization to buy one and have a perfectly identified presence on Internet.

Second, domain name registration volumes offer the option to keep an eye on trends: when domain name registration volumes increase in an activity, it means that professionals are buying these domain names and that the activity concerned is developing on Internet under a brand new name.

A good example to give are “.cloud” domain names. Let’s be honest: who cares about “clouds”? Well, you’d be surprised to see that this domain name extension is massively being adopted by professionals of the cloud business with almost 100,000 domain name registrations. 

February 2017
It if was difficult to compare figures from January 2017 with figures from the last week of December 2016, it makes more sense to compare domain name registration volumes from January 2017 and February 2017. These figures are, and will be, updated on the second day of each month. Note that figures in blue represent a noticeable increase of domain name registrations, in red when they decrease from a month to the other.

All updated reports are available here.

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