Wednesday, March 14, 2018

ICANN Correspondence and new gTLDs

There is a page on the ICANN website which lists all correspondences between complainants the ICANN. It has become a reflex to check this page on a daily basis because this is where it becomes possible to follow-up with problematic new gTLD cases. In 2018 some Top-Level Domain applicants already shared a lot of mails on .GAY - .MUSIC - .WEB - .WOMEN (this TLD does not exist but "hey") - .HALAL - .ISLAM and .CPA. The first correspondence is dated 1998.

Other interesting links
The "Litigation" link is also a good one to have a look at, they are litigation documents between parties and the ICANN. For example, it is where you can find documentation on the .AFRICA case (
DotConnectAfrica Trust v. ICANN (Appellate Court Proceeding)), the .WEB case (Ruby Glen, LLC v. ICANN), etc...

The Registry agreements link is one that is interesting too: the chronological listing allows to see when something new happens to a new gTLD. For example, on 10 March 2018, ICANN and gTLD Limited, entered into a Registry Agreement under which gTLD Limited, operates the .INC top-level domain.

For more new gTLD bookmarks, you can check this page at Jovenet Consulting.

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