Thursday, March 1, 2018

UPDATED: New gTLDs in your kids' future

Many people remember the .NAME new gTLD which qualified for a first name or a surname. I bought one at the time: “just in case” because the similar one ending in”.com” was not available and I thought that I‘d found a use for it (different from a redirection).

I checked my name in several new gTLD extensions and noticed that many first names have already been registered.

When thinking about my kids’ future: isn’t it time to secure a good domain name for them?

Available but Premium
I bought my three kids their first name in a specific domain name extension but I will be honest in saying that the extension chosen was not exactly the one I wanted. The reason for this was that a domain name could be expensive to renew, year after year. I don’t know when (and if) my kids will want to use them one day so…price is important. Also, a first name has value: a lot of value because many people have the same name. When looking for common first names, you will notice that there are many that are available as “Premium domains” and so on, at a higher price, for the reason I explained above.

Cheap but in niche TLDs
My name is “Jean” and this word has other meanings, it is also a short four letters word so it makes it even more complicated to find an available domain name in most extensions, even in new domain name extensions but niche ones. Shall I register for €9,000 because it is a generic TLD? Clearly not. I went to my Registrar and I found some first names available for registration for €3,19 but in niche extensions that my kids will never use.

For example, the “.bargains”, “.cash”, “.mba”, “.reisen” extensions and many others are extremely cheap to register and renewing the domain name is not so expensive but what is the point in registering my kids their first name in one of these extensions if they never use them?

Your kids and the future
I don’t know whether my kids will need a domain name in the future and, even is some ultra generic keywords will still be available in not so niche new gTLDs that could match with a business they might be interested in developing; I do not know either if their chosen business will match the generic domain name I chose for them. Hunting for their first name as a domain name is a good start I believe.

From my searches - and I wanted to register my kids their domain name in the same extension - I realized that I am not the only person to be looking for first names in new gTLDs. I also realized that, when searching, there are still extremely good domain names to register for your kid(s). The one I chose for mine are in the “.business” new gTLD.

I often hear that people often use more applications than they do for websites; the future is in apps. Let’s say that this is a fact but when starting a business, you often need a name and this can be the application’s name: why not start with your family’s name or the first name of your kid as a domain name? The risk is low and purely financial (a few Euros) but the value could be extremely high in a few years...for your kids.

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