Monday, February 3, 2020

New gTLDs for the Finance: 2019 in Review

There are domain name extensions (not "domain names") for the financial industry: I call them "Financial new gTLDs". These are operated by their respective Registry: for example, the ".FUND" new gTLD is also called a "the dotFund Registry" and it is the sole legal entity allowed to create domain names ending in ".fund" (instead of ".com") for accredited Registrars to sell them to the public. In 2019, I took snapshots of these registries' evolution at the end of each month and wrote down the numbers.

The 2019 tab from my report shows a lot of "red" (it means that domain name registration figures decrease) but this is because red is noticed first. Financial new gTLDs have lots of Trademarks as clients and many Banks are listed. For this reason, this report is one of the longest from my 20 monthly reports. This is what I noticed on a list of 87 financial new gTLDs:
  1. I listed 51 dotBrand (".BRAND") new gTLDs:
    1. the .DVAG new gTLD ended the year with more than 2,000 domain names registered!
    2. Eight of these .BRANDs have more than 100 domain names created, this is a lot for a personal use!
    3. Two have between 500 and 1,000 domains created:
      1. .ALLFINANZ
    4. Five have between 100 and 500 domains created.
    5. Eighteen have between 10 and 100.
    6. Twelve did not register any new domain name since January 2019 and still have one registered.
    7. The .EVERBANK new gTLD was withdrawn during the year. Note that some other financial new gTLDs were withdrawn but they still appear as "Delegated" on the official ICANN website (the .NADEX new gTLD for example).
    8. One is an IDN new gTLD: .工行 (xn--estv75g).
    9. Some dotBrands did not register more domain names in 2019:
      1. .DISCOVER with 101 domain name created
      2. .SHRIRAM (28)
      3. .BARCLAYCARD (24)
      5. .NETBANK (5)
      6. .COMMBANK (4)
      7. .CITI (4)
      8. .HDFCBANK (2)
      9. The TLDs with one single registration are not added here.
    10. Two were withdrawn long ago: the .CASHBACKBONUS and .JPMORGANCHASE
  2. Four new gTLDs exist in their singular AND plural version (but I think I already wrote that in the past):
    2. .LOAN and .LOANS
    3. .MARKET and .MARKETS
    4. .DEAL and .DEALS
  3. Only 10 generic new gTLDs have more than 10,000 domain name registrations and number one on that list has just above 27,000.
  4. Two have "unbelievable" numbers to read:
    1. the .BID new gTLD had 209,700 registrations in January. It ends the year with less than 28,000.
    2. the .LOAN new gTLD had... 2,806,800 (yes: two million) in January. It ends the year with a little more than 24,000.
  5. Only one generic Top-Level Domain maintained its registration level from January to December: the .TAX new gTLD which ended the year with 7,450 registrations. Oh... The .TRUST new gTLD registered one more domain name during the year and went from 51 to 52 registrations.
Read the full report here.

Coming: "New gTLDs for the Automobile and Cars: 2019 in Review"

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