Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New gTLDs for Luxury: 2019 in Review

Did you know that there is a domain name extension ending in ".rich" (for the rich I guess)? Well there is one and 100 domain name were registered end of December 2019. Fantastic isn't it? I went to my new Registrar GoDaddy - GoDaddy, which just acquired my actual Registrar Uniregistry - and I had a look at the price of a .RICH domain name: more than €3,000 a piece. That's a lot, but let's imagine that these 100 domain names were registered by real end users (Registrants); that makes €300,000 a year...not bad for 100 domain names only.

There are 28 domain name extensions belonging to Luxury and here is what I noticed for the year of 2019:
  • Six extensions are for automobiles: .LIMO (for Limousine) is ont of them and the five other are luxury car trademarks (.LAMBORGHINI - .FERRARI - etc...);
  • Twelve from that list are live .BRANDs (.OMEGA - .CHANEL - etc...);
  • Four were withdrawn since the launching of the first ICANN new gTLD round and actually two of these were withdrawn in 2019: .CARTIER and .PIAGET
  • The only IDN from that list is the Chinese version of .SHANGRILA (which also exists in ASCII);
  • One extension has more than 1 million domain names created: .VIP and second from that list is .BEST with 86,000 domains created and third is .LUXE with 15,000. The rest is below 10,000 registrations.
  • From that list, one extensions multiplied its registrations by 18 since January: the .BEST extensions is growing seriously.
  • Three extensions had less registrations in December than January: .GOLD - .JEWELRY and .DIAMONDS (that is not so good).
  • Two Registries maintained significant registration levels throughout 2019: .BEST and .LUXE (French for "luxury").
  • One person registered its personalized Top-Level Domain: Richard Li created the .RICHARDLI new gTLD but still does not use it and the Registry sticks to one single domain name creation (since the launching of the ICANN new gTLD program).
  • Most Luxury Trademarks, but in the automobile luxury industry, don't use their dotBrand extension: the .GUCCI is on top of that list with six domain names created in total. The rest is below.
  • Some TLDs from that list are for sale, contact Jovenet Consulting if interested in making an offer.
  • The .HILTON withdrew its application long ago and this move, well...I still don't understand it.
Read the full report here.

Coming: "New gTLDs for the Music: 2019 in Review"

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